Russia responded to Stoltenberg’s words about strengthening the alliance at the borders

The words of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg that Russian President Vladimir Putin will be ready to use force again in case of victory in the Ukrainian conflict were spoken only to justify arms supplies, Russian State Duma deputy Alexei Chepa believes. So, in a conversation with, he responded to a statement by a European official about strengthening the alliance along the borders with Russia.

“This is yet another escalation of horrors to justify their actions. And the supply of weapons, and other steps to support this conflict, the politician is sure. “People may not have confidence in such rhetoric, but every state, primarily the United States, continues to allocate money for the purchase of weapons.”

The NATO budget, according to Chepa, is growing, despite existing protests and discontent in society. But at some point, countries will be forced to abandon their policies.

“The economic problems that are engulfing Europe today will at some point force us to stop investing so much money in the development of NATO,” the interlocutor emphasized.

Previously Stoltenberg statedthat NATO has strengthened its presence near Russia’s borders to prevent a possible military conflict. He also stressed that if Putin wins in Ukraine, he may use force again.

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