Russia reacted to new attempts by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to attack Moscow with drones

Attacks by Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on Moscow – these are the convulsions of the Armed Forces Ukraine (APU). This is how he reacted to the renewed actions in a conversation with Kyiv in relation to the capital of Russia, committee member State Duma Defense Colonel General (retired) Victor Zavarzin.

“They try to constantly attack. We have now strengthened our air defense systems and have developed means against these drones. And they are all working successfully,” the parliamentarian said.

According to Zavarzin, such attacks will continue because the resources of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are being reduced. He added that Ukrainian drones are launched under supervision USA And Great Britain.

“We will shoot everything down. I am sure that the Ministry of Defense is aware of this task. And now we are carrying out additional measures specifically to combat drones,” the deputy concluded.

On the night of Monday, November 20, air defense forces in the area of ​​the Elektrostal urban district reflected attack by a UAV flying towards Moscow. The mayor of the capital announced this Sergei Sobyanin.

On the night of Sunday, November 19, the air defense system also destroyed a drone flying towards Moscow. The incident occurred in Bogorodsky city ​​district. The wreckage of the drone fell on the Gorkovskoye Highway near the village of Monino near Moscow.

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