Russia launched a massive strike with cluster munitions on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Video of the bombing published

Russian military for the first time applied RBK-500 cluster bombs in the special military operation (SVO) zone. Strikes were carried out on troop positions Ukraine.

It is alleged that they were used en masse by the Russian military in the South Donetsk direction – this happened near the settlement of Staromayorskoye.

Russian military strikes with RBK-500 cluster bombs caught on video

On Sunday, November 19, online spread footage of the moment of the bombing.

The footage shows quick flashes flashing among the trees throughout the field, after which smoke rises upward. Then another shot is shown – on the horizon you can see lights blinking in waves above the ground and then quickly moving to another part of the field.

This is not the first time that such use of cluster bombs has occurred in the Northern Military District zone, but the very moment with the RBK-500 was captured just now.

RBK-500 is designed to destroy enemy infantry and personnel

RBC-500 started to be used troops back in 1987. Such cluster bombs can be delivered in several ways: from aircraft or using MLRS “Smerch” and “Tornado-S”.

According to a military expert Yuri KnutovRBC-500 reset from an altitude of several kilometers, one ammunition weighs approximately half a ton. In one such cassette located a lot of “fragmentation bombs, weighing 400 grams each,” which scatter over long distances upon impact. “The container opens at a certain height, and then the ammunition is scattered,” he explained.

In addition, the expert said that the RBK-500 is designed to destroy enemy infantry and personnel. Ukraine now continues to stage “meat assaults” in some areas, including using cluster bombs, so that the troops Russia similar measures had to be taken.

Model of a disposable 500 kg caliber bomb cluster equipped with RBK-500 PTAB-1M anti-tank cumulative combat elements at the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "SNPP "Basalt".. Photo: Alexander Saverkin / TASS

Russia has not used cluster bombs in the Northern Military District zone for a long time

In mid-July, the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu stated, that Russia refrains from using cluster munitions during the SVO, as it understands their threat to civilians. At the same time he addedwhat if Washington delivers similar bombs to Ukraine, then Russian troops will have to use similar weapons against the Ukrainian Armed Forces in response.

The Russian Armed Forces have cluster bombs that are “much more effective than American ones.” Thus the Russian minister reacted on plans USA transfer cluster munitions to Ukraine.

In addition, he noted that neither Moscowneither Washington nor Kyiv have not acceded to the Convention on Cluster Munitions. Namely in it it says that it is prohibited to accumulate or transfer shells that spread submunitions.

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