Russia has found a way to cope with personnel shortages

To satisfy the personnel shortage, it is necessary to retrain 25 million Russians. The Agency for Transformation and Economic Development (ATRE) announced the found way to balance the labor market. reports Vedomosti newspaper.

To cope with the problem of labor shortage, by 2030 it is possible to carry out additional training and retraining programs for the population of 4.2 million people per year. Among them are 2.2 million citizens aged 25–35 years, 1.2 million workers in industries with minimum wage, 300,000 disabled people of the 3rd group, military personnel in reserve, participants in military training, women on maternity leave and other Russians.

The shortage of personnel was explained not only by demographic characteristics, but also by the ongoing depreciation of vocational education. The wages of workers without education are comparable or higher than those of production employees, while the demand for the self-employed, including couriers, is only growing.

Previously Minister of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov statedthat the abnormally low unemployment rate is slowing down the country’s economy, and the main problem is human resources. The qualitative and quantitative shortage of personnel is a serious systemic challenge, the head of the department noted. According to the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullinapersonnel shortage holds back further economic growth, and it is especially acutely felt by the mechanical engineering and chemical industries.

According to the Vice Speaker State Duma Alexandra Babakova, cope with with a shortage of personnel in Russia The “salary revolution” will help. The country needs systemic measures to sharply increase labor productivity, radically increase the capital-labor ratio of production and, accordingly, rapidly increase wages, he explained.

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