December 15, 2022, 04:08 – Public News Service – OSN

Harrison Kass, a columnist for 19FortyFive, said that the United States does not even have at its disposal an analogue of Russian supercavitating torpedoes.

The publication says that USAbeing one of the leading powers, which has a huge amount of weapons at its disposal, does not have in its arsenal the kind of weapons that their main opponents, Russia and Iran, have in their arsenal.

Kass noted that such torpedoes are notable for their incredibly high speed, and the technology for their creation is so complex that Moscow still keeps it in the strictest confidence.

It is known that Soviet Union back in the 1960s he experimented in creating this type of weapon. The current flagship model of the Russian Federation is the VA-111 Shkval, which entered service in 1977.

Kass noted that it even went as far as the Pentagon trying to steal this data, since in 2000 an American named Edmond Pope was convicted of espionage, which was associated with information about the Russian Flurries.

“As a result, the United States was never able to develop its own analogue of supercavitating torpedoes,” writes 19FortyFive.

As the Public News Service reported earlier, specialist Robert Farley said that Russia won victory over the West in an economic war and horrified him.