Russia explained the cause of the crisis on the border with Finland

One of the reasons for the migration crisis on the border with Finland measures could be taken against Russians, the first deputy chairman believes State Duma Committee on International Affairs Svetlana Zhurova. In a conversation with, she explained that she sees a political motive in this.

I see pitfalls there that play a long game. They want to keep Russian citizens out so that they can then take away their property, for example. This is also an option – now close the border, not let our citizens in, and then take away their property

Svetlana Zhurova

State Duma deputy

“I have a suspicion that they are trying to use this topic to block our accounts, real estate and so on. Occasion. They said that whoever does not appear on the territory of Finland before 2027 – and they will not let these people in – we became knownthat Finland wants to simplify the process of confiscating real estate from Russians. Authorities explained that homeowners began to neglect their responsibilities, including paying bills. No official decision has been made yet."}”>nationalize“, says the deputy.

According to the parliamentarian, the number of migrants from the Middle East who are trying to get to Europe through Russiamuch less than in other states.

“They are simply trying to speculate on this. Through Italy, other migrant countries are trying to cross the border in different ways. And I think there are more people trying to do this than across our border,” she concluded.

Svetlana Zhurova also noted that Finland and other border countries European Union It is unlikely that they will completely close entry to their territory from Russia.

From November 18 Finland closed four checkpoints on the border with Russia – Vaalimaa, Nuijamaa, Imatra and Niirala. There are a total of nine checkpoints on the land border between the countries, one of which has been closed since April 2022. The restriction will be in effect until February 18, 2024. Government of the country didn’t rule it out complete closure of borders between countries.

For such measures Helsinki went due to a sharp increase in the number of illegal migrants from the Middle East. According to Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, Moscow decided to do this in retaliation for collaborating with USAwrites The Guardian. IN Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs named these statements are strange.

Authorities Estonia Also admittedwhich could completely or partially close the borders with Russia.

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