Russia dodged a blow that the countries Westaccording to a material published in the British edition of the Daily Express.

In order to contain the record profit that Russia receives from the sale of significantly more expensive energy products, G7 countries and the European Union imposed restrictions on the price of Russian oilno more than 60 dollars per barrel.

Under these sanctions, Western countries will deny insurance, financing, brokerage, shipping and other services to carriers of oil cargoes whose value exceeds the established price limit.

Besides, On December 5, the EU countries imposed an embargo on the supply of Russian oil by sea. There are no restrictions on deliveries through pipelines.

But as Western countries sever ties with Russia, the leadership of the Russian Federation is turning exports to the east.

As the US and EU shun Russian oil, India and China quickly increased purchases of Russian energy carriers. India has done particularly well, with imports of Russian oil rising for the fifth straight month, hitting 908,000 bpd in November.

“Russian fuel exports to India have risen sharply, with Moscow now accounting for 23 percent of New Delhi’s total oil imports, which last month was about four million barrels per day“, — stated in the material Daily Express (translated by PolitRussia).

It is worth noting that the President of Russia has set a task for the next year to further develop relations with friendly countries.

Well, besides, the publication of a decree of the head of the Russian state with retaliatory measures to the price ceiling for Russian oil that was introduced by Western countries is expected soon.

Author Anton Kulikov

Anton Vladimirovich Kulikov – journalist, columnist for Pravda.Ru