At the same time, Russia is transferring S-300 missiles from Belarus to Donbass.

Russia deployed S-400 air defense systems on the territory of Belarus / photo REUTERS

The Russian Federation has deployed Iskander and S-400 missile systems on the territory of Belarus. Wherein S-300 complexes the Russians are deploying to the Donbass in order to strike not only at the infrastructure, but also at the positions of the Ukrainian military.

As reported during briefing in the media center Ukraine-Ukrinform, the speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuriy Ignat, some of these complexes allegedly guard the airspace of Belarus.

“They deployed on the territory of Belarus, among other things, Iskanders, as well as S-400s allegedly guarding the airspace of Belarus,” he said.

At the same time, according to Ignat, Russia does not yet need S-300 missiles to protect its airspace. Because of this, they are transferred from the territory of Belarus to the Donbass.

“They use them as ballistic missiles – that is, they fly along a ballistic trajectory from a direction of up to 150 kilometers. They are the manufacturers of these missiles, they have a lot of them. They can afford to “dispose” them this way, because they have a wide range of air defense “So they don’t really need the S-300s. They needed to transfer these missiles to the Donbass in order to strike not only at the infrastructure of the front-line cities, but also at the positions of our troops. We do not sit and watch this – the Armed Forces are doing everything, to destroy them as efficiently as possible,” the Air Force spokesman said.

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War in Ukraine: the role of Belarus

Russia uses Belarus as a springboard for missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine. In addition, it was from the territory of Belarus that the Russian invaders attacked the northern regions of Ukraine at the beginning of the invasion.

Military expert Vladislav Seleznev declaredthat the Russians might try to attack northern Ukraine again from Belarus in order to divert the Defense Forces. However, the Ukrainian side has prepared fortification and engineering positions in the northern regions, so the Russians will not have an easy walk, and they will suffer huge losses.

Monitoring group “Belarusian Guyun” reportedthat in October alone, 8 echelons with reactivated military equipment were sent from Belarus to the Russian Federation. The total number of transferred equipment for the month amounted to 211 units.

At the same time, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine emphasizedthat the Russian special services are planning a number of terrorist attacks on the critical infrastructure of Belarus, in particular at the Belarusian nuclear power plant.

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