Doctors claim that they can restore not only joints and bones, but also the skin.


Russian doctors said they invented and mastered the technology of “growing” limbs soldiers after severe wounds received in Ukraine.

According to the pro-Kremlin agency “RIA News“, referring to the Russian Ministry of Defense, this technology was allegedly invented by doctors from the Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital in Moscow. Moreover, this method is already being used in practice.

The method of 3D modeling of implants that replace damaged areas of bones and even joints has already ensured the complete restoration of the arms and legs of several soldiers wounded in Ukraine, the Russian Federation assures.

The method consists in the fact that an individual three-dimensional titanium implant is made for a wounded person, which in shape and size corresponds to the lost bone fragment. It is inserted into the wound and then filled with bone taken from the patient’s other bones, transplanted or grown using stem cells. Doctors then replicate the muscles and skin, restoring functionality to the damaged arm or leg.

Leonid Brizhan, deputy head of the hospital for research work, boasted that no one else in the world does such operations.

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