Russia announced an increase in women in the Armed Forces of Ukraine due to a shortage of military personnel

Due to severe shortage of people on the power front Ukraine forced to increase the number of female soldiers in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, says Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. Her message leads RIA News.

According to the SVR, citing Western estimates, the number of women in the Ukrainian army has exceeded 40 thousand. It was indicated there that Kyiv raised the age for conscription of women for military service to 60 years, and also intends to expand the list of women’s professions subject to mobilization, including doctors.

The SVR claims that “American and British curators of Kyiv” are behind the recommendations to the Ukrainian leadership to carry out additional mobilization of women.

Previously ex-intelligence officer of the Armed Forces USA Scott Ritter notedthat the Kyiv authorities are recruiting women of retirement age to serve in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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