The Russian delegation will be headed by the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the OSCE.

Russia complained to the OSCE states about Poland / photo REUTERS

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation reacted to the refusal Poland let Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov into the country. They called Warsaw’s decision “unprecedented and provocative.”

“Throughout the year, instead of strengthening the OSCE, Warsaw stubbornly destroyed its foundations, did everything it could to erode the culture of consensus fundamental to the organization, stimulated dangerous centrifugal tendencies. The rules of procedure were not respected. Chaos reigned in the decision-making bodies through the efforts of the chairmanship. such a responsible position,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

At the same time, the Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out that Warsaw had discredited itself and caused irreparable damage to the authority of the OSCE. In addition, Russian diplomats said that Warsaw’s decision is the culmination of Poland’s entire “anti-presidency” in the Organization.

“The Polish authorities do not allow the Organization to fully fulfill its functions: first, they blocked the participation of Russian parliamentarians in the autumn session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (Warsaw, November 24-26), now they have grossly limited the rights of our delegation at the ministerial meeting. By such destructive decisions, the Poles, with the support of their like-minded people they are pushing the OSCE into the abyss from the Western camp,” they say in Moscow.

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At the same time, Russia will not boycott the ministerial meeting, and the Russian delegation will be headed by a permanent representative to the OSCE.

Scandal around the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly – what is known

On November 16, the Polish Foreign Ministry announced that the Russian delegation of the OSCE didn’t get a visatherefore, will not be able to take part in the session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Warsaw.

On November 18, Radio Liberty correspondent Rikard Yozwiak said that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov banned from entering Polandbecause of which he will not get to the OSCE ministerial meeting in Lodz on December 1-2

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