The talented rapper, composer, dancer and current member of the famous band of the kpop bts, MRIhas made changes that are very “suspicious” and relevant to their fans and followers on social networks.

On February 13, RM’s followers on the social network of instagram They noticed almost instantly that the K-Pop singer would be deleting several posts as time went by, and it is that after a few hours the artist would have already deleted most of his posts, going from 130 publications to only 13 .

This was alarming to the army and for his fans, leaving them very confused what was happening and what RM is thinking, immediately after this, rumors that something was happening began to spread everywhere, they even suspected that RM might be abandoning the group or that he would take a break from music.

information is currently unknown official by the K-Pop star about what is happening in their networks, but we are sure of something and that is that RM appreciates his fans and the entire ARMY too much, so he would not even think of disappointing them, he has recently talked about that he could be working on new record material.

The ARMY is waiting for an official pronouncement from RM or his representative agency HYBE Entertainment.