In social networks, the rumor began to spread that supposedly Amber Heard I would have agreed to open an official account in Only fans to pay the compensation you owe to your ex-husband Johnny Depp. Is this true?

Through social networks, a video went viral that would have spread the rumors that Amber Heard would have opened an account in OnlyFans to pay the debt to her ex-husband.

“Amber Heard has done the impossible,” user meachreacts21 said in a TikTok video that reached more than 12 million views before being removed from the platform. However, this was enough to spread the rumor and make the news go viral.

Given the echo generated by the rumor of the OnlyFans account of the interpreter of ‘mere’ in Aquaman, the portal Newsweek He took on the task of investigating if this was real and came to the conclusion that it was a joke made by Internet users.

“The ‘Aquaman’ star has never publicly announced that he has joined the growing list of celebrities who have opened an account on OnlyFans,” explains Newsweek.

“In the TikTok video making the claim, it was made clear that the OnlyFans page displayed was in no way affiliated with Heard,” added the aforementioned account.