On June 14, on the green lawn of the training field of SSHOR No. 5, the final of the rugby-7 competition among the teams of the municipalities of the Rostov region took place. Beautiful attempts, joy, tears, excitement, incredible support from the fans and real team spirit – this is how this game day went. Young rugby players showed character, will to win and excellent physical preparation.

The team of young rugby players from the Taganrog secondary school No. 13 became the silver medalist of the competition, beating the team of the Sholokhov district. The guys have been training since the end of 2021. Before participating in the Rostselmash Cup, young athletes practiced their skills in city competitions.

We managed to talk with team captain Roman Bogush:

– Why did you start playing rugby sevens? What is the difference between rugby sevens and tag rugby for you?

– First we played rugby-15 with the team, then tag rugby, and now rugby-7. The difference for me is that you can do captures here, it’s great!– What stages in today’s games turned out to be the most difficult for you, and what, on the contrary, was easy?

– The match with Rostov turned out to be the most difficult, it turned out to be a “zarub”. And it was easy to beat Children’s and Youth Sports School No. 2, the team and I coped perfectly!

What game moment do you remember the most?

– In the match with the Youth Sports School No. 2, I was able to run from my end line to the other and score a try.

The Rostselmash Cup will be held with the support of the Rostselmash Group of Companies, the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of the Rostov Region, the Ministry of General and Vocational Education of the Rostov Region, the Rugby Federation of the Rostov Region and the Rugby Federation of Russia.

We wish the guys to go only forward, not to stop there and, of course, to play rugby!

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