Entrance to Bosnia and Herzegovina is paid. It is a small hundred, only two euros, but without paying those two young slums will not grow due to the small house of the beast. The hut stands in Serbia, on a small road laughing from the village of Mokra Gora known for its wooden buildings and picturesque ndram, to the border of the Kotroman pedestrian zone. The two euros are a fee for entering the land in Tara National Park and Sarga National Park, but without it you will not be able to reach the border crossing. Of course, nothing is paid on other crossings to Bosnia, only there, in a small corner of the Balkans, have their own specific rules.

But the trpt will be your restless and accelerated esk due, because the Bosan is driving very slowly, the sister is very much and when crossing the city, it gets dark.

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