Diana Rubio, expert in royalty and royal protocol, has explained the new fight that Queen Letizia has had with her mother-in-law, the Queen Sofia, in the middle of the confirmation ceremony Infanta Sofia. There, the expert explained in detail the clash that both members of the Spanish royal family they had and that further accentuated the rumors of an alleged rivalry between the two.

The details of this new meeting have been developed during the Infanta’s confirmation pose, when Sofia was holding on to her granddaughter, the Princess Eleanor to pose with her. However, she has been forced by Letizia to stand in a corner for the photo, which according to Diana, It would mean another rudeness from Queen Letizia to Doña Sofía.

«The act this morning is a private act, you have to start there. Therefore, a standard protocol placement as we are used to seeing in official acts did not make much sense”, commented the expert.

The expert continued commenting on the event, assuring that this once again no longer pleased Queen Sofía, who along with her sister Irene from Greece, are the only relatives King Felipe VI who continue to live in Operetta.

As for the clash… more than a clash and I would say that it looks like the Princess of Asturias is talking to her grandmother, her grandmother wants to place herself in the protocol place that she knows is the official place, but she looks like Doña Letizia stops her because She knows what is the placement that she had discussed at home for this pose that they have done in front of the media, ”explained Diana Rubio, on the portal ‘Four a day’.

And you, what do you think about this clash between the Queen Letizia and the Queen Sofia from Spain?