Rostec spoke about the advantages of the Tornado-S system

Tornado-S multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) are capable of covering large areas with projectiles and hitting individual targets with high-precision ammunition. On the advantages of the system, industrial director of the complex of conventional weapons, ammunition and special chemicals state corporation “Rostec” Bekhan Ozdoev told TASS.

He assured that Rostec will continue the development of Tornado-S. Thanks to new guided projectiles, the firing range of the MLRS increased from 90 to 120 kilometers, which brought it closer to tactical missile systems.

According to Ozdoev, such ammunition can be used to destroy objects where the use of Iskander operational-tactical missile systems would be redundant. “The accuracy of the Tornado-S is very high, and the power of the warhead is enough to hit almost any object, even a seriously protected one,” he noted.

The Tornado-S system has become a development MLRS “Smerch”. The installation received 12 guides for 300 mm caliber rockets and an automated guidance and fire control system. Each ammunition can receive an individual flight mission.

In September Russian Ministry of Defense reportedthat when using modern ammunition, the accuracy of the Tornado-S MLRS strikes reaches one hundred percent.

In June, RIA Novosti source toldthat the Smerch MLRS will receive guided projectiles with an inertial guidance system and satellite correction for use in a special military operation zone.

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