Roskoshestvo called eco-leather dangerous for children

Specialists from Roskachestvo announced the dangers of eco-leather clothing for children. This is reported by RIA News.

Experts analyzed products from 20 brands and examined them according to 65 indicators of safety, quality and reliability of labeling. It turned out that the products of only two brands can be worn without harm to health. Thus, violations were found in clothing by Mark Formelle, Gate31, Charuel, Savage, Lichi and Incity. It is noted that their products do not comply with technical regulations for air permeability, and one product of the Mayoral brand did not at all satisfy the mandatory requirement for the toxicity index in the aquatic environment.

Thus, the organization’s employees came to the conclusion that there is nothing natural in the named material. “This means that the body will not “breathe” in them, which will lead to the “greenhouse effect” and sweating.” – they said and noted that such clothing causes discomfort to the child and causes various diseases.

At the same time, the agency’s interlocutors warned that it is better for adults not to wear eco-leather clothes on their naked bodies. They advised wearing tights under such trousers and not staying in them for too long.

In November 2023 reportedthat menstrual underwear turned out to be hazardous to health. During the experiment, it turned out that some products contained a significant amount of silver, which is used to combat the spread of microorganisms and eliminate odors.

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