December 18, 2022, 13:56 – Public News Service – OSN

TV presenter Rosa Syabitova shared a secret about her filming in the transfer of the famous TV show “Let’s Get Married!”. It is reported by CT News.

According to the source, the producers of the program forced the TV presenter to behave in an annoying way. So, during the filming, Rosa Syabitova had to distort her voice, making it more unpleasant. At the heart of the demand for a voice change was the desire of the producers to create the image of a “people’s matchmaker” and a not very literate gossip.

Roza Syabitova complained that it was not easy for her to maintain the intended image in front of the camera. According to the presenter, in the TV show she did not always express her thoughts in the usual way.

Earlier, the Public News Service reported that Roza Syabitova shared her opinion about motherhood. In her opinion, a woman cannot be happy without children. The TV presenter said that she stands for traditional family values ​​and considers it important for a woman to realize herself as a mother.