On May 12, a netizen once again questioned the possible relationship between the two YG Entertainment artists, Jenny from BLACKPINK Y G Dragonthrough a post in an online community, titled “There’s a photo of Jennie at G-Dragon’s house“.

In the photo, a woman is seen wearing a striped T-shirt from the brand chanell taking a photo with her. According to some, in the corner of the photo there is a photo of Jennie. In addition, photos of the actress were also published Jung Hoyeon.

Although the photo does not show any trace of G-Dragon, netizens claimed that the place where the photo was taken was G-Dragon’s house. The post, which was uploaded to Nate Pannbecame a hot topic.

However, the publication is criticized due to opposition from the public. Many say that it is not G-Dragon’s house, but the campus from Chanel and that the woman holding the shirt is a employee by Chanel.

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Both G-Dragon and Jennie are ambassadors Chanel’s global markets and actively promote the luxury brand through joint campaigns. Jung Ho Yeon has also modeled for Chanel’s campaign many times as model.

In 2021, the rumors of one relationship between the artists have not stopped increasing. This comes after the popular dating and controversy news site dispatch reported that Jennie and GD had been seen hanging out at the latter’s house.

Despite this, the singers have remained silent on the matter and their agency, YG-Entertainment, has maintained a neutral stance on the rumor, making it difficult to confirm whether the two are actually reunited with feelings for each other. YG said:

It’s hard for the company to confirm facts about the artist’s personal life when romance rumors surface.