Rakuan wants to list a woman in the city’s headquarters. Seventy-year-old Knap has been sweating since 2018.

Knap has to complete some steps that will start the restructuring of the bank. He is currently in a new license for 2023 and 2024.

We discussed with the Minister that there are some milestones that need to take place. The first is the approval of the transformation of the team, the implementation of the transformation company and the functioning of the company after the transformation. We agreed that I would carry out the company in the first step, ie the transformation proposal and its approved supervision by the board, Knap said one by one.

Rakuan said on Sunday that Knap’s death would be revoked by his meeting with Redl. Knap has met with Redl, who is being prosecuted in the case of a Prague transport company. The pot swarmed because Redla brought the pot’s business partner to the meeting without prior notice and did not know him until then. Today, Knap said that he explained the circumstances of the meeting with the minister and that Redl’s darkness was not in office due to his end. Rakuan marks the darkness of Redl for being toxic.

According to the Minister of the Interior, I have financial problems, for which the wall, which does not pay for the ordered services for a long time. We notified the changes in the Czech Republic two months ago and today we agreed on concrete steps. If we look at the situation in the Czech Republic, I think that the change in management will benefit and the new man should represent the new direction, Rakuan told the newspaper.

The pot has launched some transformed steps in recent months. Among other things, she started a large-scale freight transport to external companies, launched a specialist package in Balkovna, and in 2023 plans to divide the company into the operation of 3,200 branches and a company providing commercial security services.

Rakuan at the arrest of Nora recalled eight only from patnctilenn supervision of Council P and nine resigned. The recalled councilor reported for political traffickers, who were replaced by experts. Knap has been the general director of the sweat since 2018, when he won the women’s competition, which was announced by the then Minister of the Interior Lubomr Metnar (for YES). Pedtm led the Czech branch of SAP software.

In recent years, esk pota pub in ervench slech. For the last year, the company sweat will be lost around 800 and 900 million crowns, which is about pl billion crowns, a drop not lower than in 2020, when sweat management ended with a loss of 1.356 billion K after tax. According to the company’s management, the reason for the loss is the non-payment of the castle for the ordered basic services. According to TK, the state of the company had a debt of CZK 1 billion.