Rock festival “Top of Summer 2022” was held in Sasovo

On July 30, the rock festival “Top of the Summer 2022” was held in the city park in Sasovo.

It was organized by the city administration, the department of culture and tourism of the city, as well as the festival participants themselves.

Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism of the city of Sasovo Elena Frolova:

“Musicians from Ryazan, Novomichurinsk, Shatsk came to us. And of course the largest representation from our city. It took a lot of time and effort to prepare. According to participants and spectators, the festival was a success. And our team has gained good experience. Many thanks to all the musicians who, as a close-knit team, took an active part in the preparation of the festival. All the guys did an excellent job.

The festival was opened by the winner of city, all-Russian and international competitions Yulia Nyrkova, who participated in the festival for the first time.

Young and already eminent bands, such as “DAR”, “Aspect”, “Zhivago”, “Zavod”, “Visit”, “Phoenix”, “Arambol”, performed cover versions of songs of rock classics. The groups “jEm” and “INVARIANT” performed songs of their own composition.

The vocalist of the jEm group Ilya Chumakov and the guitarist of the Zhivago group Alexander Alisov had a birthday. The presenters Anna Khlebodarova and Tatiana Tsyganova wished them health, creative success, happiness and a boost of drive from the festival.

Trade rows with barbecue, ice cream, cotton candy and popcorn worked at the holiday. There were trampolines and carousels for children.
The festival was completed by the folk group from Shatsk “Chance” and the Honored Artist of the Republic of Ingushetia, officer of the main department of the Federal Service of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation Alexander Nikolaev. They performed patriotic songs in support of Russia, the president, our army, which defends the security of the country and protects civilians.

“The top of the summer was a success. People sang, danced and had fun. At least for a day, but Sasovo became the territory of rock, ”- the host said Anna Khlebodarova.

Mikhail Kovrezhkin, leader of the DAR group, guitarist:

“Today I was supposed to go out with the group in full force. But, unfortunately, the drummer and bassist couldn’t come. I sang a couple of songs. It’s unusual to perform alone.”

Soloist of the Zavod group Vladimir Zaitsev:

“In 2015, our group was first invited to the Top of the Summer festival. Made a speech. Liked. Since then, they have been permanent members. I am the lead singer of a band and occasionally play the accordion. We play mostly cover versions. We don’t have our own songs. But sometimes, on holidays, we come up with words for existing music. This year the emotions are positive. Missed the festival. Everything was well organised.”