Pavel Malkov: “Roads are arteries that allow you to build a business and develop enterprises”

On August 1, during a working trip to the Sapozhkovsky District, Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region Pavel Malkov visited Evgeny Gusev’s peasant farm in the village of Chernaya Rechka.

The business of the Sapozhkovsky entrepreneur is already 30 years old. He said he “decided to farm” in 1992. Started with 30 hectares of land. Now the enterprise has 14 thousand hectares in three districts of the Ryazan region – Sapozhkovsky, Ukholovsky and Saraevsky. Sons, Alexander and Dmitry, work together with their father. Each of them has its own KFH.

In 2017, the Gusevs bought out the Perm stud farm and moved it to Chernaya Rechka. And last year, 165 Aberdeen-Angus bulls were brought from Ireland. There are 8,649 hectares of sown areas in the KFH. Of these, 4,058 ha are under cereals, 4,216 are under oilseeds, and 375 ha are under fodder crops. Last year, more than 15,000 tons of grain were harvested.

Now the farm is building a grain drying and grain cleaning complex. To this end, in February of this year, the company entered into a cooperation agreement with the Government of the Ryazan region. The volume of investments amounted to 297 million rubles. Under the project, 10 units of agricultural machinery and a grain dryer were purchased. We signed an agreement on technological connection to electric networks (paid in full). We also signed an agreement on the preparation of a project for the gasification of a grain drying and grain cleaning complex.

Evgeny Gusev told the acting governor that the rapidly developing economy really needs specialists. And for this it is necessary not only to provide people with work and wages, but also to create good living conditions.

“My dream is to revive the village,” says the head of the peasant farm. – It has been abandoned for like 30 years, no one has driven a nail. The children stayed here to live, the grandchildren are growing up, there is work.”

The head of the peasant farm plans to equip the village and improve its infrastructure. And he asked the head of the region for only one thing: to help build a good road from Sapozhok to Chernaya Rechka – about 9 kilometers. This is necessary both for the comfort of local residents and for the successful sale of products, especially since buyers come for it from various regions.

Pavel Malkov:

“I think that the farm in Chernaya Rechka can in many ways serve as an example to follow. It is developing very actively, is not afraid to explore new areas and projects. At the same time, it is also an example of such social responsibility. There is a development not only of business, but also of the entire surrounding infrastructure for people. When you see such an approach, you want to invest yourself. From the side of the region, we will provide all kinds of support to all projects that are being implemented here on the farm. Because its leader not only cares about his work, but also dreams of reviving the village. Such a dream can only be promoted and helped.”

The Acting Governor especially emphasized that a bad road is not just a 10-20 minute uncomfortable ride. This includes accelerated depreciation of equipment, rather high costs for those who travel on such a road, primarily for business.

“Roads are the arteries that allow you to build a business and develop enterprises,” he stressed. Pavel Malkov said that he had already given instructions on the reconstruction of the Sapozhok-Chernaya Rechka road. At the same time, the region is counting on the support of the federal budget.