kim namjoonleader of the group BTS, He is described as a passionate, open person, with a great imagination, safe and proactive, he is considered an inspirational artist for all his fans, since through his phrases and poetry he has touched the hearts of all ARMY, coming up with the following words the idea to motivate those people who need them.

Here are the 5 words that Kim Namjoon described throughout his music career during a Live broadcast:

The happiness:

“I think that one of the most beautiful ways to live life is to enjoy it from the present and the moment of now.”


“Trust yourself, and live a healthy life and you will be happy like me.”


“True love begins when you love yourself.”

Not giving up:

“Never let yourself be carried away by others and don’t let yourself be shaped by those who criticize you, listen to your voice inside you and music will be your liberation”


“Flaws and mistakes define you, but those mistakes will be the brightest stars in the constellation of your world”

Full video of the interview:

Evaluate and test all the words of RM, they will be your motivation!