The rapper and leader of bts He surprised his followers by being seen using public transport in South Korea.

Through his official Instagram account, MRI updated to ARMY and all his followers about his day, since since the break of the group was announced, each of the members has dedicated himself to his own agenda and to take advantage of it to have some free time. On this occasion, the rapper and K-Pop Idol decided to take a walk around the city to visit some museums.

But what surprised the ARMY was that he decided to use public transportation, since RM got on a truck. This action provoked some comments from the ARMY, who joked about the possibility that he was listening to cumbias or rancheras as is customary in our countries of Latin America.

They also pointed out that it is very humble of them to be a normal person despite their fame, since they can hardly ever walk down the street without being recognized, but due to the culture, or even the use of face masks in South Korea, they can sometimes go unnoticed without having to be with several bodyguards behind them.

The truth of the matter is that ARMY has been completely amazed at the great gesture of humility that RM has shown, which reaffirms why he is the leader of bangtan.