The rapper and leader of bts confessed to his fans that lately he has been crying a lot, why is it?

RM, regarded as the leader of bangtan, He stated that both fans and artists share this feeling and fear that one day one of them will leave, but he assured that they will be together for a long time until they grow old and become parents.

The rapper also asked the ARMY for a favor that even if something changes at some point, they should accept it, but no matter what their lives are like, he will always be by their side and show them all the love he has for his legion of followers.

namjoon made a live broadcast through the platform weverse to chat with ARMY. However, she spoke again about the end of BTS during her broadcast and ARMY She broke down in tears at his words. The rapper was honest and confessed that he is afraid that one day the fans will stop loving him and supporting him in his projects.

“Afraid that they will leave… I cry a lot lately thinking about that.”

kim namjoon took some time off to reconnect with his fans, from the studio, he made the live broadcast where he shared his latest emotions about the future of BTS. The idol He began by saying that he has been thinking a lot and feels nervous about what the future holds, especially at this stage where each of the members of the group will release solo albums.