MRI from bts was one of the special guests at PSICK SHOWthe interview was healthy and chaotic at the same time, since the hosts Lee Yong Joo, jung jae hyung Y Kim Min Soo they constantly interacted with the guest in the most unexpected ways possible.

They also go back and forth throughout the show congratulating each other, the atmosphere of the interview was fun, it’s like a group of friends got together to chat.

The host and guest of the K-pop group talked about many fun topics unknown to many of their followers, such as what to do for a 30th birthday and how the choice of wedding gifts has changed after the success.

The PSICK SHOW asked a question to MRI which surely he did not expect

You met a lot of famous people, didn’t you? Who have surprised you the most?

Faced with this question, the idol gave three answers and surely surprised thousands of Internet users.

The Kpop singer first mentioned Pharrell Williams, the same with whom he had an interview for the magazine rolling stones.

The second artist to mention was Drake, same that was a great inspiration for the whole group.

To finish with the question asked by the presenters, the rapper Coreando mentioned nas as one of the people who surprised him by meeting him.