RM, the leader of the group kpop bts, He has opened up about an irregularity that he experienced on a trip he made in the last days of the year 2022, stating that everything that happened was against his will and nothing that was done was authorized by him.

The leader of the South Korean group bts He has spoken and confirmed that his trust was betrayed, since the idol shared today, January 5, that his trust has been betrayed by the monk that he recently visited to reflect.

Through his official account Instagram, RM uploaded a text capture where he quoted his reflections on military service, donations to the most needy among others

“Thanks for the good times, but I didn’t imagine they would do an article about it. Next time I will go to another temple, go and come back in private,” RM explained.

In the note you can see that the idol he is clearly disappointed by the breach of confidentiality that he had agreed to at one point with the people who betrayed him.

“Discretion must be discretion,” added RM in another post that was deleted a few minutes ago.

Meanwhile, fans and followers of the idol have been outraged by what happened, so they have expressed solidarity with MRI pornos complaint that he has made.

“They have betrayed their trust over personal conversations in exchange for media attention,” said a netizen. Who would have thought that a monk would leak information from her,” another fan added.

Let’s remember that MRI He visited the temple before the end of the year and uploaded some photos to his Instagram profile on January 1st in that place. However, given the incidents that occurred, she decided to delete such publications in order to forget the bitter moment that she is currently experiencing.