The members of BTS MRI and suga, were active in the special episode of Run BTS! For the day of Valentine’s Day. However, a statement from the group’s leader regarding the producer left the group speechless. ARMY.

In the new episode of his reality show, RM exposed the activities of his partner Suga, since he told the ARMY what the artist has hidden for several weeks and he is embarrassed to confess.

The members of bangtan they were subjected to various sports tests, so RM decided that the activity they were doing was the ideal time, and took the opportunity to make it clear that Suga has been exercising.

The rapper’s confession completely drove everyone crazy army and fans of the producer, as they now expect the artist to further improve his physical appearance.

ARMY can’t wait to see the results Suga will get from toning his body. Most of his fans know very well that yoongi He is somewhat shy when it comes to showing and talking about his body, but they hope that they can at least see a little of his improvement.

As it was expected, suga felt embarrassed to be exposed by RM. However, they continued to do the sports activities in which they were subjected in the program.