RM, leading member of the South Korean Kpop group bts, He has not hesitated to express his feelings before the most recent publication that his groupmate has made jhope from compulsory military service. The idols’ interaction has touched the audience a lot. ARMY, since it is a clear proof that they miss each other.

Through its most recent publication on the platform of Weverse, J-Hope made an update on his evolution in the compulsory military service, where he confirmed that after five weeks, he had finally received all the training from the basic training, to become an army soldier.

«ARMY!! I have completed (basic training) well. The letters and support you sent me have been very helpful and thanks to that I was able to do my best during the training!! I’ll do my best for the rest of my military tour and show my good side! I love you!! This cell phone is fascinating… Hahaha.

After its publication, his partner RM took the opportunity to show his feelings and the great affection he has for him with a short message. Despite the fact that the message is very brief, it totally shocked his fans, who assure that the rapper is also very proud of what his friend has achieved so far.

“You’ve worked hard, Hope!” RM wrote, accompanying it with signs that show he was crying.

jhope will stay in the army South Korea for at least two years. Meanwhile, there is still no specific date on which RM will officially enlist in the military service.