Without a doubt the leader of the South Korean group BTS, has shocked all fans, after making a strong decision that will change the fate of the Bangtan Sonyeondanannouncing at the festival of its ninth anniversary, in order to take individual paths each member.

MRI represents one of its greatest exponents in the music of the k pop, in it I express that it was time to take a break out of necessity, due to the constant rhythm of production, since the group is heard worldwide for all its fans, in this new stage, the leader of the band has specified that he wants “mature” and take another step in his career as a “soloist”.

Aiming to create new Korean melodies by himself and possessing a natural talent for music, developing new storylines to propel his solo career and keep satisfying his beloved fans:

“Throughout this time, it has made me wonder if I lost my identity, so I need to find my separate path as a solo artist.”