MR He is considered a passionate, warm person, with a great imagination, safe, proactive and flexible in any situation, very reserved in his personal life and although very few know it, he is used to walking alone in museums, parks maintaining a relaxed life, without However, together with his companions, he demonstrated how he would kiss his ideal girl, leaving ARMY completely excites.

Before entering the path of fame, he went through several loves that he undoubtedly calls a toxic past and decided to be alone, away from various rumors, scandals that appeared on social networks and it is even stated that he is married and has a son according to fans.

According to the promotional videos of BTS, the members played with a sculpture, which they proposed to RM if he was with the ideal girl of his dreams, how he would kiss her, taking advantage of the right moment to pretend that it was a woman, RM took his profile with a lot of passion, as can be seen in the video, and he kissed the sculpture with a lot of passion, like an atmosphere of romantic scenes.

Then the video of how RM would kiss a sculpture, don’t miss it:

RM certainly has an indomitable passion when kissing!