You could say that Rihanna She is one of the most famous artists worldwide, as well as being the most millionaire. Well, this was not enough for her, since she returned to the stage in style with a spectacular show for the Super Bowl halftime show last Sunday, leading the internet to a collapse.

The woman sang some of her most popular world hits for 13 minutes, and the fact is that the show was so massive, that the top 50 of the most played songs in recent days, has been completely filled with songs by the also businesswoman of the Island of barbadosWithout a doubt, she is a global icon.

The paper of bts in this story it is somewhat confusing, and it is that with Rihanna giving a tremendous performance suspended on a platform in the air, a part of the show has gone viral among the fandom of the HYBE boys. And it is that ARMY was able to notice that a part of Rihanna’s choreography was the same as that of the BTS run theme.

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The choreo could be seen while RiRi sang her song “All Of The Lights”, and it is that army couldn’t help but make comparisons and even edits. There is a high probability that the choreographers have taken BTS as inspiration for this part of the performance, taking into account that idols’ dances are very popular.