The artist boricua He talked about the true relationship he has had with his nephew over the years.

Ricky Martin He has been acquitted of the court case against him for alleged sexual abuse and domestic violence towards his nephew.

The Puerto Rican artist’s lawyers confirmed that it was the singer’s plaintiff, his nephew, who asked to dismiss the case in a court in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“As we had anticipated, the temporary protection order was not extended by the Court. The accuser confirmed to the court that his decision to dismiss the matter was his alone, without any outside influence or pressure, and confirmed that he was satisfied with his legal representation in the matter. The request came from the accuser asking for the case to be dismissed,” Ricky Martin’s lawyers said in a statement to report on what happened.

“This was never anything but a troubled individual making false accusations with absolutely nothing to back them up. We are glad that our client has seen justice done and can calmly move on with his life, his personal life and his career.”

Meanwhile, the other relatives of the renowned singer have not given statements regarding what happened, although at one point it was expected that the sister and mother of the nephew of Ricky Martin come out to testify about his position regarding the complaint that his son made against his uncle.