The renowned Puerto Rican artist has given his first statements after his legal victory against his nephew, who accused him of harassment, domestic violence and maintaining an incest relationship that lasted seven months

The complaint against Ricky Martin for a protection order requested by his nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sanchez, was filed this Thursday, since the nephew himself requested that it be executed in this way, which cleanses the singer’s reputation although the emotional damage will take longer to heal, motivated by the harsh criticism he had received days later after the serious accusations that had been made against him .

After knowing the annulment of the complaint, Ricky Martin has given his first statements through a video published on his official account of Instagram:

“I had never had to deal with something as painful as what I have experienced in the last two weeks, I was the victim of a lie,” said the artist, visibly shocked and sad, in a video provided by his representatives.

This Thursday, July 21, the hearing was held at the Court of Saint John, Puerto Rico, in which the judge elucidated the accusation against the singer on the protection order that was granted to his nephew through the Law 54, for domestic violence.

The final decision was made by the judge. Raiza Cajigas-Campbell, who decided to file the case that weighed against the artist, after the request of the plaintiff of the case, the nephew.

The lawyer stated that she made sure that Sánchez made this decision knowingly, that there was no promise in exchange for this case being filed, no money involved, and much less threats of any kind to remove the complaint.

After making sure that none of these situations was happening, the judge finally proceeded to file the case, giving victory to Ricky Martin.