The popular Puerto Rican artist has given some official statements regarding the enormous controversy that he is experiencing at the moment after the recent complaint he received from his nephew, who accuses him of having harassed him and in addition to confessing that the two had a seven-month romance.

After making the serious complaint known, the singer Ricky Martin shared on his official account Twitter that he is willing to take responsibility for everything that happened, but as long as it is shown that there is sufficient evidence in favor of his nephew, who also claims to have had an alleged love affair, which can be classified as incest on the part of the Law of Puerto Rico and what would condemn the interpreter of ‘Crazy life’ to spend up to 50 years in prison.

In defense of the artist his brother came out Eric, who in a video shared that Dennis he has mental health problems and doesn’t know what he’s saying. So according to him, these accusations are false and made only to harm his brother.

Ricky Martin through his lawyers, who said that he never had “any type of sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew”, stated the following:

“The idea is not only false, it is disgusting. We all hope that this man will receive the help that he so urgently needs. But above all, we hope that this horrible case is dismissed as soon as possible, ”stated the official lawyer for him.

“We all hope this man gets the help he so desperately needs. But above all, we hope that this terrible case will be dismissed as soon as a judge examines the facts.”

Faced with these serious accusations, the law in Puerto Rico has already called to testify Ricky and his team of lawyers, so that soon more information about this controversial case will be known.