The renowned artist Puerto Rican He has defended himself against his nephew’s accusations by assuring that the young man has “severe mental problems”

Dennis Jadiel, nephew of Ricky Martin and who has claimed to have been a victim of domestic violence and harassment for at least seven months in which he would have maintained a relationship with the singer.

This is undoubtedly a very serious complaint against Martin, since in Puerto Rico incest is considered a crime of maximum seriousness and with important judicial consequences that include up to 50 years in prison without the right to parole.

As expected, Ricky has spoken out and has done so through his legal representative, who have completely denied the crimes of which he is accused.

The artist has considered as “false” and “disgusting” the statements made about him by his nephew. Martin Singer, interpreter’s lawyerLiving the crazy life, He assured in an interview granted to Entertainment Tonight the next:

“Unfortunately, the person who made this claim is struggling with deep mental health issues.” Next, the lawyer spoke through the mouth of his defendant, stating: “Ricky Martin, of course, has never been and will never be involved in any type of sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew.”

Ricky Martin’s legal team wanted to add an important wish for the artist’s nephew to his particular public plea, even citing the judicial authority studying the case as follows:

“We all hope this man gets the help he so desperately needs. But above all, we hope that this horrible case will be dismissed as soon as a judge can analyze the facts.”