The renowned Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner, will not allow her granddaughter, Indigo, to be identified as a non-binary gender, this after the criticism that her daughter Eva Luna and his son-in-law, the Colombian singer Camilo, received for the way they are raising the little baby, who has not yet reached even one year of life.

Since Evaluna’s father published on his official account of instagram a photo raising a Indigo and referring to the baby as “she”, the users of social networks felt quite confused, since the parents of the creature affirmed that for them Indigo was simply a baby, so they were not going to call her with a specific gender .

The parents’ plan is for her to make that decision when she grows up. From there, she can decide if she wants to be identified as she, he or she. This stance has earned them endless critics, and a possible disagreement on the part of the baby’s maternal grandfather.

Ricardo Montaner and his entire family are known for being very religious, so accepting this type of gender diversity would go against their beliefs and their way of thinking.

And although in the end the decision of how to raise Indigo is not made by him, his discontent may influence the way in which his daughter and son-in-law are raising the baby, who despite only having seen a photo of her face, he is one of the most popular infants in the Web in this instant.

Meanwhile, rumors have also emerged on social networks of a possible break between Camilo Y Eva Luna. However, his own montaner he took the time to leave a clear message that his daughter and son-in-law are still together and, above all, they are still happy.