Ricardo Montaner has sent a strong message to the followers of Camilo And your daughter Eva Luna, referring to the issue of their possible separation.

Evaluna’s father has been very clear in his words and hopes that the situation will improve quickly, because apparently he is tired of dealing with the issue.

Weeks ago, rumors began of a possible marital crisis between the young spouses, due to the accumulated disorder in the house and the poor communication to deal with the issue, before this, the spouses themselves gave their statements and now the singer’s father also wanted to issue His point of view.

The interpreter of “The glory of God» with his message he left more than one speechless, and pointed out those who are in charge of creating false news, and also those who share it.

«Idle people dedicate themselves to inventing stories that only exist in the imagination of the lazy… Those who do have a job must put up with whatever pepera is said about them. A made-up headline is enough to cause cataracts of grime. happiness is unforgivable“, stressed the musician.

Even though Eva Luna With some photos shared on her social networks, and a loving message to her husband ended the false rumors, her father preferred to give his opinion and prevent more “lazy” people from continuing to issue false news.