The legendary Venezuelan singer has drawn attention to Camilo And your daughter Eva Luna through a comment on Instagram.

If the family has stood out in something else Montaner, In addition to their talent in music, it is in the constant displays of love and unity that they express through social networks. However, the Montaner clan patriarch, Ricardo Montaner, She has had to ‘call attention’ to Indigo’s parents several times for their exaggerated displays of love. In fact, a few days ago, Ricardo Montaner issued a clear warning to his daughter and son-in-law through a comment on Instagram.

It all happened because Camilo posted a series of photographs of his day to day with Evaluna while they were on tour. In the description of the post he wrote: “On tour … but if we are together and with you, it is like being at home.” Next, he specified the remaining dates of the concerts that they will offer in the remainder of the year. Immediately, Indigo’s future grandfather did not hesitate to comment and warn them that special dates are shared as a family.

“Be careful … Christmas and New Years with the family!”

The followers of the popular couple did not hesitate to react to Ricardo’s comment, supporting him in his warning

What do you think of Ricardo Montaner’s scolding for Camilo and Evaluna?