Ricardo Montanerfather of Evaluna Montaner, receives hate on social networks due to the gender with which he refers to his grandson Indigo.

Camilo Y Eva Luna They are the parents of Indigo, a baby whom they chose to name in a neutral way and who in his majority will have the freedom to choose the gender with which he feels most comfortable, but before this the followers of the couple attack Montaner, because he has not respected the wishes of the parents.

The singer has been in the eye of the hurricane lately, and his social networks confirm the hatred he receives from various Internet users for the way he refers to his grandson, they ask him to respect the wishes of the minor’s real parents.

In it 2022 Indigo’s parents welcomed her into the world, and followers witnessed that during Indigo’s pregnancy Eva Lunaneither she nor Camilo they wanted to know the sex of the baby until the day it was born.

Even so, the parents were not surprised by the gender of the minor who was born female, because one of their wishes is to let the minor choose her sex whenever she wants.

But the same grandfather is exceeding the mandate of the parents by calling the minor as a woman, which causes furor and criticism in the networks. A few days ago the musician shared a photo on social networks of him with the baby in his arms, and with a message announcing: “She and I are going on vacation… #IndigoySuAbuelito«.

Among the comments made by netizens, they highlight having more respect towards their daughter’s order, or eliminating the non-binary gender of the baby, and calling her as a girlWell, that’s how it was born.