The Montaner family He has been the center of attention of millions of fans around the world due to his presence in the media and on social networks. However, on his 65th birthday, in September of last year, the singer Ricardo Montanersuffered a small rejection that did not go unnoticed by his family or his followers.

His wife Marlene had organized a party in Argentina to celebrate her husband’s birthday, Ricardo Montanersince the family was in that country for the recording of the program «The voice» and the presence of a private chef was a detail that could not be missing, for this reason, she tried to hire Ariel Rodriguez Palacios to attend the event and prepare a special dinner for the guests.

However, the chef rejected the offer, despite knowing that he would cook for Ricardo Montaner, but the rejection was because he is not dedicated to holding private events. This news disappointed some fans, even so the party continued without the presence of the chef and with the presence of the vast majority of the Montaner family members.

The event was attended by the children of Ricardo and Marlene, Mau and Ricky, who attended with their respective partners and thus enjoyed a memorable night, but Camilo, Eva Luna and Indigo They were unable to attend due to their commitments abroad, yet the Montaner family came together to celebrate Ricardo’s birthday in the most special way possible.