The renowned Venezuelan singer did not hesitate to reprimand his son-in-law who did something he did not like during his most recent concert.

As the head of the Montaner clan, Ricardo Montaner she is aware of every movement not only of her children, but also of their partners. The interpreter of Tan enamorados has expressed this at every opportunity that he can, he has even made it public through social networks.

This time Montaner called the attention of Camilo, her daughter’s husband Eva Luna, who shared a series of photographs under the title of “Treasures”, in one of them only her bare feet are observed on stage. To which his father-in-law wrote “Los zapatitos …”, which immediately caused comments and laughter in the profile of the Colombian singer.

The images published by the interpreter of For the first time is also observed giving Evaluna a kiss while holding a microphone in his hand and with the other he surrounds the body of his wife, who could no longer accompany him on his tour due to her advanced pregnancy.

This year he paints with great happiness for the Montaners, who on January 8 will celebrate Ricky’s wedding and in the coming months await the arrival of Indigo, Evaluna and Camilo’s first baby.