Ricardo Montaner and his family arrived in the Aztec capital to celebrate the success of their reality show Los Montaner, now available on the Disney+ streaming platform.

Upon arriving in Mexico, Ricardo Montaner had a meeting with the press and said:

Very happy, very happy because we are celebrating as a family, for us it was very important to come to Mexico to thank them because the expectation we had was to come in 3 months and we did it in 6 days. I want you to know that the most important thing is that Mexico is the country where the series is broadcast the longest.

Likewise, he confessed the many insecurities he had when letting his privacy be seen on the big screen.

We are willing to share with you and let you see who we really are, even if there is a risk of not liking you, but thank God for the result I think we are doing well.

But not everything is good news for the singer’s family, because in recent days some photos of his granddaughter Indigo, the result of the relationship between Camilo Echeverría and Evaluna Montaner, have been leaked, so when he was asked and when he began to think about judicial process against those responsible, Ricardo said:

No, it wasn’t the paparazzi, it was a fan of Cami and Eva, we knew that one day that would happen, but the truth is nothing happens, apart from thank God, she’s beautiful.

When Evaluna and Camilo became Indigo’s parents last April, they decided not to show her face until the girl decided her own future, however, photographs of their girl were exposed and today you can know what she looks like at eight months of age. lifetime.