The Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner, singer’s father Evaluna Montaner and grandfather of the baby Indigo, He has published a small paragraph on social networks that would be directed at all the rumors that the baby is of a non-binary gender, something that would have been decided by his daughter and his son-in-law, also the Colombian singer Camilo.

“People without a job are dedicated to inventing stories”, is what Ricardo Montaner has said in part regarding the rumors that his granddaughter is supposedly non-binary, something that generated all kinds of negative comments in the social media.

Let us remember that these rumors were based on the position that Camilo and Evaluna took to raise their baby, where they made it clear that they even called her by a name unisex so she doesn’t feel locked into one gender.

The couple also stated that they would let her decide on her gender identity later, stating that when she grows up, she will be able to make the decision to feel like a man or a woman.

However, the baby’s grandfather has responded to everything on his official Twitter account. Twitter, stating that the media are the ones that make up all the news and that he will continue to call his granddaughter as a “girl”.

A few days ago, several fans of the renowned singer asked him questions about why he called Indigo after a girl when her parents did not classify her in a genre as such.

These questions arose from a photo that the Venezuelan posted on his official account instagram with the baby, where he referred to her as a girl.

And you, what do you think of Ricardo Montaner’s statements?