The legendary Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner receiving various criticisms after it was revealed that he allegedly forced his son’s fiancée Ricky to sign a pre-marriage contract.

Through social networks, the version that points to Montaner as responsible for the model and fiancee of his son, has begun to circulate. Stefi roitman signed some papers prior to her wedding with the lead singer of the duo Mau and Ricky.

Within this series of papers is a confidentiality contract not to reveal a single aspect of your wedding, neither wedding dress nor much less preparations.

In addition to a prenuptial contract which stipulates some clauses about the fortune of the 31-year-old singer, so it has been speculated that the eldest of the Montaners is not very happy with the marriage of his son

Although it has not been revealed what this document says, most of them are in charge of taking care of the assets for a future divorce and thus taking care of the assets of both parties.

It is worth mentioning that Stefi Roitman is a 27-year-old model and driver of Argentine origin, who also has a degree in Business Economics and became engaged to the musician in October 2020.

These actions have generated various criticisms, since many users assure that Mr. Montaner is getting into matters of his children that in reality are not matters that he should take.

Do you think the measure that Ricardo Montaner had regarding the marriage between the renowned model and her son was acceptable?