Ricardo Montaner He has published on his social networks that he totally disagrees with the gender that his daughter Eva Luna, and her husband Camilo have been awarded to Indigoher granddaughter.

The grandfather of the new member of the family, Indigo, He is very happy, because since Evaluna announced her pregnancy, he showed her his true support. However, what he has doubted about supporting her is in the gender with which they identify the youngest in the family.

Since before the birth of the eldest daughter of Eva Luna Y Camilo, They decided to give the minor a name that was unisex, so that in the future and as her parents decided, the girl identifies with the gender she likes the most, be it a man or a woman.

And although their followers and family tried to support them with their decision, the issue is becoming controversial and contradictory, especially for those who are considered very close to God.

But apparently the one who is clear about the gender with which the minor was born is her grandfather, Ricardo Montanerwho in various publications and stories identifies her as a woman.

His followers did not hesitate to support him, clarifying that if she born as a womanThey should also call her, and hope that in the future she will choose if she wants to continue with her sex or have a different one.