Ricardo Montaner He gives something to talk about with his family, and it is that for several weeks, social networks have been discussing massively about the possible non-binary gender that Indigo would have, the nine-month-old baby that the singers had Camilo Y Eva Luna, and that according to themselves, they don’t want her to have a specific gender until she decides. However, her grandfather has confirmed which gender the baby is being raised with for now.

In the midst of various criticisms that Camilo and Evaluna have suffered for the way they are raising Indigo, the baby’s maternal grandfather has added fuel to the fire, since he referred to her with a different pronoun than the pronouns of people non binary

It turns out that the interpreter and composer of origin Argentinian, uploaded a photo on his official account instagram Together with her grandson, where apart from referring to how she “, it was also seen that she wore pink clothes.

This aroused the doubts of users of social networks, who questioned the singer for the pronoun in which he addressed the baby. However, it has been confirmed that Mr. montaner treats Indigo as a girl, and not as a gender-neutral baby as her parents have been planning.

Let’s remember that Camilo and Eva Luna they stated that they were going to let Indigo decide her gender when she was older and can make her own decisions. Meanwhile, they will raise her as a simple baby, without labels and without forcing her to be a girl, a decision that aroused a great wave of criticism on social networks.

And you, do you agree that Ricardo Montaner recognizes Indigo like a girl?