The Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner has confirmed through his social media than her granddaughter, the non-binary baby Indigo, She is identical to her mother, the singer Eva Luna, leaving all his fans amazed.

The close relationship that Montaner family with their loved ones, is the subject of debate on social networks. But despite any kind of criticism, their union and the great love they show each other is always what stands out the most between them.

Ricardo Montaner shares several facets and anecdotes of his family life through his social networks, and it was there that he confirmed to us that his granddaughter is identical to his daughter Evaluna, despite the fact that some believed that the baby was more similar to her father. , Colombian singer Camilo.

It was on his official account Instagram, where the interpreter of Argentine origin published an old photo with his children, where a very small Evaluna is seen, but whom he himself calls Indigo sarcastically, but confirming that she is identical to the interpreter of ‘Indigo ‘.

Here I leave this postcard with Mau, Ricky, Marlene and Indigo… Evaluate he took the photo,” he added in the description of the publication.

Ricardo’s description made his fans find out what he looks like Indigo, who a few months ago suffered a small leak on her face, but which itself could not be seen clearly and it could not be determined if she looked more like Evaluna or Camilo.

And you, what do you think of the tender family photo shared by Richard Montaner?