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RIAN: Israeli and Hamas positions complicate hostage negotiations

The situation with the hostage negotiations, which involve Israel and the radical Palestinian movement Hamas, has turned out to be extremely difficult. The reason for this is the uncompromising position of both sides. An informed diplomatic source in Turkey shared the relevant information, RIA Novosti writes.

The journalists’ interlocutor also emphasized that active mediation efforts in this process are being undertaken by representatives of Qatar. The agency’s source noted that Türkiye continues to work to maintain communication.

“Hamas demands the release of Palestinians who were arrested by Israel in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, primarily women and children, Israel has its own fundamental conditions. It’s very difficult,” the agency quotes its interlocutor.

Previously Public News Service reportedthat Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan will resume “telephone diplomacy” with his foreign colleagues on the situation in the Gaza Strip from November 13. His negotiations with the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin are possible.

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